A Year of Image Manipulation

A year ago, I discovered the joy of taking photos, mainly of my own work, and editing them. I started using Aviary, which is quite a straightforward program, which I mostly used to make colour changes to images.

I moved on to using iColorama, which is far more powerful, primarily as it allows you to use brush masks, so effectively you can merge two images, using one as a mask when applying effects to the other. It has a much wider range of controls, and while it took some playing and experimentation to get used to, that was time well spent.

Here is a round up of some of my images:  

Day 266

Once again, I’m playing catch up on the blog posts, hence the back dated post. I spent most of the evening baking these two lovely chocolate cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Morning at work on Friday:

I also did a bit of image manipulation, playing with new textures in the updated version of iColorama:


Day 222

Today, I got my printer on the WiFi, so I was able to print to it directly from my tablet. I printed an image that I’d previously converted to black and white, and then traced over the main lines with permanent pen on acetate.

I took some copies and played around with them, reducing and overlaying them. This one has the figure facing both left and right – I think it looks a bit like a knight:

Some more experiments:

And then a bit of image manipulation using the figures as a mask:


Day 206

A sleepy, relaxing day, but I downloaded a new app (FontCandy) which has quite a nice interface for adding text to photos. I added some text to some of my previously edited photos, which was fun.

I also knitted the first decrease row on my Clapotis, as well as paring down the wedding photos for upload.

Day 198

Today I worked into the ideas from yesterday’s sketch, simplifying the shapes and colours. I drew random polyhedral shapes, and then used various colours of pastels for raised and receding areas. I especially love the contrast of the blue areas.

And then I couldn’t resist messing in iColorama:


Day 196

i was out auditing, got back late and did some unpacking, so another image manipulation, using the same mask as the day before, and this picture of a sky which my sister took:

To get this:

 I like how the texture of the fabric from the embroidery comes out in the mask.