Competition winner!

Back in March, I made these three little 8″ X 10″ art quits, called Hot Fruit, always intending to enter them for my Embroiderers’ Guild branch competition. They were finished apart from backing and binding, when I realised the competition was only 3 days away!

I spent the day finishing them, and I am glad I did, because I won! I received this little cup, which I get to keep until December.

Here are a couple of photos of the finishing:

Before trimming them down to size.

After trimming; it is surprising what a difference just this makes to the appearance.

I also finished this pear piece at the same time:

Day 178

Today I spent a marvellous few hours at a Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild Dayschool with the marvellous Angie Hughes, who was teaching us to make tantalising textile tag books. (I think she now calls it Indian Tag Books, but we booked it a while ago)

We brought along images which we collaged with scraps of beautiful fabrics and layers of stamping and stitch.

My images went along a whimsical transport-ish theme, with a ship, a man with a flying umbrella, hot air balloons and a moon.

 I got to use some  of my hand dyed fabrics for backgrounds. The pinky ones in the middle I snow dyed myself.


I got these two tags laid out, but I want to add some hand stitch and beads/sequins.

These are my finished tags.

All in all, it was a great day, and I’d totally recommend taking this workshop with Angie if you can. She’s so fun, and very generous and supportive with her knowledge.

Day 103

After an interesting talk about Kyrgyzstan with my Embroiderers’ Guild, I decided to do some hand stitching on a collaged canvas that had been in the UFO box since January:



I also finished Bernadette’s travelling book page, which was swapped at the branch meeting, so I now have Margaret’s to work in.



Day 101

Today, I had an excellent day at the Embroiderers’ Guild national AGM. We enjoyed inspirational talks from Bobby Britnell and Jane E. Hall, a good and positive discussion about the future of the guild, and a chance to meet and catch up with fellow members.

After a brief trip home, Simon and I spent a great evening with friends, eating curry and playing board games.

When we got home at gone 10pm, I realised that I hadn’t done my 15 minutes, so I did some colouring in on some printed wooden spoon Gelli prints, for the current travelling book:



Day 97

Today I did some more hand stitching on my current traveling books piece, outlining this printed wooden spoon with spilt stitch, and some long stitches which will need couching down, possibly in green:


Also, as day 96, yesterday marked the point where all my 15 minutes added up to 24 hours of creativity, the equivalent of a solid day only making! It’s actually more than that, as several days, including the Stitch Retreat, the play day at Margaret’s and the AVG dayschool have been more like 8-10 hours than 15 minutes.

What a difference a few minutes makes!

Day 94

Today, as well as a flat car battery, trip to Halfords, hair cut (!), and curry, alcohol and board games with friends, it was Come Stitch With Us at the Library of Birmingham with my  Embroiderers’ Guild. I stitched an outline on these printed spoons in stem stitch:

Day 89

Today I decided what I want to do as the theme for my piece in Bernadette’s Travelling Book.

I’m going to focus on more lovely kitchen items, carrying on from the jugs in Clare’s book, so I gathered up six of my favourite wooden spoons:

Disclaimer: not all wooden spoons are spoons!

I did a first drawing, folding the page for symmetry where they are symmetrical, then inking the best lines:

I retraced these using the light box for a good pencil line…

…and then traced and overdrew them on the paper side of some self adhesive funky foam:

They are now ready to cut and adhere to foam board, prime with gesso, then they’re ready for a good Gelliping session.

It was very relaxing, listening to Sigur Rós and retracing these lovely smooth lines.