Day 303

I finished the main part of the first minion hat today, knitting the black band and the yellow crown:

I tried it out on my husband, who has a small head and we agreed that it will be good for my younger nephew, but I need to do the next size up for the older one.

I also crocheted two mouths, and now I just need to crochet the eyes and sew them on.

Days 301 & 302

My family have been staying with us for the past couple of days, so we’ve been very busy with board games, picking apples, trips to the park, and swimming. I’ve done some knitting in the evenings, knitting 20 more rounds of the minion hat:

All the yellow has been done today and yesterday. The blue is the knitting from day 299, as well as yesterday, when I did the last 4 rounds.

Next, I’ll knit the black stripe for the goggle band. I also wound some of my lovely new Cascade 220 yarn into balls, as it arrives in skeins. I wound the pink, white and tan ones, 600m of yarn!

Cascade 220 is my favourite yarn to knit kids toys with. It is hard wearing but still soft enough to cuddle, washes well, is easy to knit with, and comes in a huge range of colours.

Days 284 and 285

I focused on knitting on Monday and Tuesday, as these were busy days with Embroiderers’ Guild and generally feeling very sleepy. I knitted the last bit on my panta, then sewed it together:

It is a good length, and wide enough to keep the tops of my ears warm without wiggling out of the way.