Day 229

I finished the Clapotis! It’s long, lovely and soft, and unravelling all of the dropped stitches was fun. I’ll get a photo of it, when I’m not wearing my pyjamas.

Day 225

Yet more knitting on the clapotis, the decrease rows go quickly, which is nice.

Days 207 to 214

It’s been a busy week, with a lovely family wedding, and travelling to and from the south coast, as well as unpacking, so I have been neglecting the blog somewhat. What I have been doing is:


 Lots of knitting! It all still looks like rows of a scarf, so no pics.

Day 204

I did a lot of knitting on the Clapotis today, the final 8 rows of the straight section. There have been a lot of photos of the scarf recently, so here is my little soft toy sheep, Charlie, wrapped up in it:

Only 82 rows to go!