Day 226

I have been slowly unpacking the craft room, and decided to do some drawing following on from the trip to see LAND. I love these two photos, looking through vegetation to the statue:

I did some sketches, experimenting with different drawing materials.

Charcoal, held by the very end:

Acrylic inks with a dip pen:

The same inks, with a wide brush:

I had lots of inks left, so I painted an irregular pattern, like the shapes on the statue:  

Day 170

Feeling better, I spent the evening working on this painting in stages, first adding drops of yellow and brown ink, which I let drip then wiped around. I didn’t take photos of the stages, so here are close ups:

Next, some red ink dropped on:

Then a wash of green lumiere as a glaze over the bottom right corner:

More red ink; I like the layered effect here: 

Then some white gesso with a circular sponge brush:


I like it , but it definitely needs a focal point, and maybe something to unify it more.


Day 167

I wanted to add some more layers to the mountain painting, so I decided to follow the instructions in the book and put a layer of white over the top. Big mistake! It knocked out all my lovely layers, so I wiped it off artistically smudged it, and added more lovely viridian blue green.


I feel that it needs a few more layers again.

I still had some green paint mixed up, so I grabbed a couple of small canvases, and added the buttery yellow background, then some more green hills.

I brushed the last of the paint off on another small canvas, to add interest behind something else.


A nice way to unwind before bed. 

Day 165

I have been doing my daily creativity, but struggling to find the time to post. I have decided to just post today’s, and try to fill in the gap going backwards.

Today, I picked up my wabi sabi painting book and decided to actually have a go. Wabi sabi has always appealed to me, as I love decayed, fading, cracked and rusty surfaces. I followed the first exercise in the book, painting a landscape on a canvas. 

(Complete with some boxes packed for moving in the background). 

My husband commented it looks more Lancashire than Japan, which I’m ok with! I added some copper highlights, and I’m going to knock it back with a bit of white tomorrow: