Day 295

Whilst I didn’t make anything per se, I did have a very creative evening. Tina, Margaret, Clare and I had a Polyhedra meeting, talking about our progress so far towards our work inspired by Gormley’s LAND sculpture at Lowsonford.

We all talked about what we had made so far, and the conversation helped me to change some of my ideas, hopefully towards a better finished piece. Instead of cutting and swapping the middles, I am just going to offset each piece, possibly by a different amount. I need to do some experimentation to work out what I am doing about a background, but I think I am going to bondaweb the pieces onto black cotton or felt.

Day 232

I did some more work on the LAND inspired pieces today. I want to work more into it, so I cut this stamp, ready to be mounted:

Hopefully I’ll get the time to print into it at the weekend. I’m contemplating cutting more polyhedral shapes out of it to break the stamp up a bit, but I might do that to a second stamp instead of this one.

I also traced over the main lines on two layers of acetate for this image.

The top layer is just the large leaves in the foreground, and the berry like shapes in the background:

The back layer is the figure and the main part of the leaves:

I think this has been helpful to help me understand the shape and layers of the elements of the image.

Day 222

Today, I got my printer on the WiFi, so I was able to print to it directly from my tablet. I printed an image that I’d previously converted to black and white, and then traced over the main lines with permanent pen on acetate.

I took some copies and played around with them, reducing and overlaying them. This one has the figure facing both left and right – I think it looks a bit like a knight:

Some more experiments:

And then a bit of image manipulation using the figures as a mask:


Day 184

A busy day. We picked up the keys for our new house – this is the view from my new craft room:

I also finally got time to sit down with the photos I took on the Lowsonford trip, which took quite a while as there were a lot.

I love this image of the statue, with the almost pixelated reflection:


The statue had lots of lovely colours, shapes and textures:


Which contrasted wonderfully with all the plants in the surroundings:

I’m pleased with this image especially:

There were a lot of lovely spiders webs:

And fabulous signs and numbers:

There were also great flowers around the pub, including this spiky specimen:

As we were walking back to the car to go home, we noticed this amazing sky:


This is just a small sample of the images I took, more of them are here.