Day 296

A busy day today, I gave blood (pint 21), picked my mum in law up from the coach station on the far side of Brum, and our new bed was delivered.

I spent a relaxing 15 minutes in the evening making a new spread in my sketchbook, collaging in a spare figure from my printing:

It’s Neocolour 2 on the background, the top one is chalk pastel, with a collaged edge on the right, and the bottom one is a collaged figure (printed with Lumiere paints), with a chalk pastel outline.

The pages still need more development, but I like leaving something for another day.

Day 178

Today I spent a marvellous few hours at a Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild Dayschool with the marvellous Angie Hughes, who was teaching us to make tantalising textile tag books. (I think she now calls it Indian Tag Books, but we booked it a while ago)

We brought along images which we collaged with scraps of beautiful fabrics and layers of stamping and stitch.

My images went along a whimsical transport-ish theme, with a ship, a man with a flying umbrella, hot air balloons and a moon.

 I got to use some  of my hand dyed fabrics for backgrounds. The pinky ones in the middle I snow dyed myself.


I got these two tags laid out, but I want to add some hand stitch and beads/sequins.

These are my finished tags.

All in all, it was a great day, and I’d totally recommend taking this workshop with Angie if you can. She’s so fun, and very generous and supportive with her knowledge.

Day 120

Today, I got out one of the zigzag books that I’d dyed A month ago, and added more colour with koh-i-noor watercolours, just letting the translucent paint flow and over colour the dye underneath:

Here’s how they turned out:



The book reminded me of a landscape, so I grabbed my basket of collage scraps and started building up a scene:


I added some text on the back with gold gel pen, which says “On the first day of May, as the sun rose, we set off for the woods, to shed our winter coats and breathe the sweet spring air.” A bit of wishful thinking for mayday – I have a busy weekend ahead, though hopefully the weather will be kind, and allow us a trip to an English Heritage property on Bank Holiday Monday.

Here’s how the zigzag book looks standing up, rather nice!


When I was glueing the collage pieces down, I ended up with blue tinted gel medium on my scraper, as a lot of the dye was dissolving and moving in the gel, so I smeared the excess gel off on a sketchbook page, added some hearts punched from the same paper as the houses, above, and painted on some red dye for good measure. I love using up leftovers!


Any evening that ends with painty, messy hands is a good one in my book!



Day 100

Today marks one hundred days of creativity – something every single day, even the long ones, the tiring ones, the ones which ended a couple of hundred miles from where I woke up. And it’s all thanks to Myfanwy Hart, who challenged me and other people on the Be Creative Facebook group to do this. I’ve tried so many new things, and just felt my creativity awaken, partly brought daily practice, and partly through learning from the right people.

Anyway, enough gushing! Today, I had a long day, on top of a couple of weeks of long days, so I made some time before work and did a collage in my sketchbook. Last night, after posting, the shape of one of the new woodblock stamps inspired me to cut these citrus fruit shapes from various papers. This morning, I arranged them and collaged them down, along with a few cut out ‘pips’ from the centres:



The background is some leftover pink and chartreuse paint from a roller a couple of weeks ago, with some swipes of yellow paint from a pallete knife, and a few faint stamped lemons.

I like it, and think it might work well in fabric, with some print and appliqué.

Day 88

A very long day working at Miniatura, the dolls house exhibition, for a friend. I was a bit tired, so I just made this collage with some of the leftover masking tape from Saturday’s workshop:

It’s on a backing of off white card, with a bit of neocolour 1 and treasure gold wax.

I’ve still got some pieces of tape to use up, need to work out how to store them:

Day 44

Today I added some neocolour shading to the canvas I worked on yesterday. No photo because It doesn’t show up well in the photo, but I’m pleased with it. I also added some to a sketchbook page, which came out well.

I got out another canvas which I’d worked on during the Hilary Beattie retreat; this had a base layer of moulding paste through stencils, and then paint.

I am trying out collage compositions; I think I like this one.


Day 43

I spent a lovely hour-ish this evening adding neocolour crayon and collage to a canvas I started on the Hilary Beattie retreat.


Next I want to add more neocolours, and then some stitch/marks.

I had some spare gold paint, and gel medium, so I worked in my sketchbook a bit:



I’m very pleased with this one:


Day 13

I got up and dressed quite quickly this morning, so had time to colour wash over Day 9’s collaged dots.

The Creating Something Every Day blog (which is responsible for my choosing to do 15 minutes of creativity daily) has a weekly colour scheme, so I used that to inspire the colours I used:


Here’s the piece, with a koh-i-noor wash:


I like the colours, they’ve pushed me out of my usual colour comfort zones a bit, where I don’t really use yellow or orange, but this is lovely and fresh, and work well with the translucency of the watercolours. Next I think I want to add some doodling in pen.

Now though, I need to wash my paint brushes and drive to work!

Day 9

Today is the beginning of another collage. I wanted to use my new circle punch, as I seem to have spent the week spotting circles everywhere. I also felt like doing something with random numbers, so I divided my page into a 4×6 grid, then put a random number of circles (from 1-4) in each box.


The plan now is to colour wash over it all with kohinoor watercolours, then add details with pen and silver paint pen.

The circles were punched from my stash of collage papers – sheet music, an old French novel, and old maps. The number of circles in each box was determined by