Day 88

A very long day working at Miniatura, the dolls house exhibition, for a friend. I was a bit tired, so I just made this collage with some of the leftover masking tape from Saturday’s workshop:

It’s on a backing of off white card, with a bit of neocolour 1 and treasure gold wax.

I’ve still got some pieces of tape to use up, need to work out how to store them:


Day 58

Today was more like 48 lots of 15 minutes! I spent a day with my friend. Margaret, sharing lots of techniques and having a great time.

We started off with false batik, using soy wax and procion dye on soda soaked fabrics:


This is a long post, so more pics after the cut. Continue reading

Day 44

Today I added some neocolour shading to the canvas I worked on yesterday. No photo because It doesn’t show up well in the photo, but I’m pleased with it. I also added some to a sketchbook page, which came out well.

I got out another canvas which I’d worked on during the Hilary Beattie retreat; this had a base layer of moulding paste through stencils, and then paint.

I am trying out collage compositions; I think I like this one.


Day 43

I spent a lovely hour-ish this evening adding neocolour crayon and collage to a canvas I started on the Hilary Beattie retreat.


Next I want to add more neocolours, and then some stitch/marks.

I had some spare gold paint, and gel medium, so I worked in my sketchbook a bit:



I’m very pleased with this one:


Day 13

I got up and dressed quite quickly this morning, so had time to colour wash over Day 9’s collaged dots.

The Creating Something Every Day blog (which is responsible for my choosing to do 15 minutes of creativity daily) has a weekly colour scheme, so I used that to inspire the colours I used:


Here’s the piece, with a koh-i-noor wash:


I like the colours, they’ve pushed me out of my usual colour comfort zones a bit, where I don’t really use yellow or orange, but this is lovely and fresh, and work well with the translucency of the watercolours. Next I think I want to add some doodling in pen.

Now though, I need to wash my paint brushes and drive to work!

Day 9

Today is the beginning of another collage. I wanted to use my new circle punch, as I seem to have spent the week spotting circles everywhere. I also felt like doing something with random numbers, so I divided my page into a 4×6 grid, then put a random number of circles (from 1-4) in each box.


The plan now is to colour wash over it all with kohinoor watercolours, then add details with pen and silver paint pen.

The circles were punched from my stash of collage papers – sheet music, an old French novel, and old maps. The number of circles in each box was determined by

Day 4

Today began in possibly my favourite way for a weekend; I left my husband asleep and ventured into my craft room, intending to sit and design my piece for my EG branch’s Tolkien walhanging. I put on the newish album by probably my favourite musician, Frank Turner, and the third track had a line which really resonated with me:

“So don’t go stopping and putting down roots, or your shoes won’t fit in your travelling boots” – Sweet Albion Blues by Frank Turner.

I had a vision in my head and knew I had to create it, so I grabbed one of my husband’s walking boots, sketched it, and began to collage it with sheet music, maps, and scraps of an old French novel.


I added a tree growing out of it, and some leaves cut from a beautiful old Worcestershire map, then colour washed it with kohinoor watercolours.


I then drew the key lines in and added the quote down the side. I’m very pleased with it, and hope it will make it into stitch at some point, but for now at least it is safe in my sketchbook.