Day 151

A doodle on this day, inspired by some lovely flower shapes that my friend Angela had been drawing during an Embroiderers’ guild meeting:


I experimented with shading, numbers of petals, types of flower centres, then scattered some hearts around to break up some white space. 

Day 128

Today, I did a lot of sewing, however none of it was very creative! I’m helping with the UK Games Expo at the end of May, looking after all the cloth that the event needs. Today, I pinned 35 metres of white cotton fabric together and sewed it, rather a long task! I’ve still got another 16m or so to do in the week.

My creativity was a bit brief. I mounted yesterday’s embroidery in Margaret’s travelling book, and needed to finish the inspiration page to go with it. I copied the appropriate page from my sketchbook, but it came out a bit flat, so I added lots of colour and pattern with neocolour 1s:


Day 84

Two lovely little zentangles today, in my figure outlines.

One on a page where I tried out cork stamps:


And one drawn on a blank page, which will probably get a wash of colour one day:


Thinking of getting a thermofax screen of something like this.

Day 83

Today, as well as a day at work, buying a PA system for my EG branch, and meeting a fellow committee member to finish the 2016 programme, I did some colouring in my sketchbook with inktense pencils. Mostly adding lines and details:

Simon has said that he’s figured out why I love my sketchbook so much – because then I always have something on the go, with no need to finish something.

Interestingly, several pages that I thought of as ‘Done’ had extra added with the pencils today.

Day 74

Today I got up and did some Gelli printing, with my figures.

These are some of my favourites. I plan to overprint with some more details, probably in a purple Lumiere paint if I can pick some up at the NEC next weekend:




I also started a new sketchbook, a bit larger than my Khadi one, but still in a long thin landscape format:




Inspired by Sally, I also did some doodling/zentangling into the image manipulated pears from my sketchbook. These were the test print from yesterday, before I printed on fabric:



After, with Sakura metallic gelly roll pens and Sakura pigma micron pens. Apparently I love Sakura pens!


Looking to pick up a white pen next.

While I was printing, I printed some more of the ‘hoops’, hole reinforcers. I loved the paint pattern they left on my Gelli plate, with the drop cloth underneath, and so I took some photos and edited them.

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Day 11

Having spent the morning finishing off yesterday’s wardrobes, today’s creativity was another graffiti doodle or three.

I started off practicing more feathers, which were neater than last time:


I then moved on to experimenting with layered circles, but seeing what happened if I changed the point where they join.


And then I did a whole page graffiti doodle, putting various elements together. I especially like the arrows.


We also spent large parts of today and yesterday sorting and rearranging the CD collection. We keep all of our (almost 1000) CDs in thematic order, so like artists are together, trying to arrange it so all of the horizontal and vertical intersections make sense, as well as within rows/columns.

This means lots of listening to tracks, and working out similarities, then creating towering piles on the dining table:

From this…


Via this…




To hopefully over the next week all the CDs being back on their shelves in the new order. It feels like a creative process!