Pitt Brush Pen

I recently got a Pitt brush pen, to try them out, and I really like it. I feel like the range of marks it can make help me to make more relaxed, expressive drawings. Here are a couple of quick sketches based on some photos:

Drawing at Bumble Hole

On Saturday morning, I went down to Bumble Hole nature reserve, my little local spot of sanctuary, took a few more photos and did some sketching.

We approached from a new side, and saw this beautiful metal sign, surrounded by wonderful wild flowers.  I had forgotten to put any crayons in my little art kit, so I couldn’t do a rubbing, something which needs to be rectified.


I love the beautiful curvy bridges:


So I drew them, mostly without taking the pen off the paper, after the Cas Holmes day school. It was surprisingly enjoyable!


There was a massive gaggle of goslings with their proud mum and dad paddling along:


This beautiful little path was new to us, like a wonderful green fairy path.


Leading us to a lovely wild meadow, with a dragonfly and some butterflies floating over.


And this lovely view of Cobb’s Engine House:


Which I had to sketch:


Another lovely view of the engine house:


And a beautiful view of the canal. For something which is stereotypically straight, there are lots of lovely curves!


I’ll post close up pictures of the sketches soon.

Developing a design

I’ve fallen in love with my friends’ Moka pots. They have three of them, in different sizes, and I love the shape, so I’m going to use them for a new design. I started out by printing the images, and tracing them onto acetate. I’m planning to cut stencils and stamps of them over the weekend:


And I’ve planned a stencil:



Day 283

Today we went on the Dean Forest Railway, and as well as taking several photos of steam trains and lovely old signs, I did this drawing from the train of the station platform:

I need to get (much) better at people, but I still enjoyed doing it.

Day 282

We headed in to Puzzlewood at dawn, before anyone also was in the wood, and made our way to one of the lookouts, to watch the trees change with the light. As we were staying at a cottage on site, we were able to go into the wood before the public were allowed in. It’s a magical place, full of old gnarly trees, mosses, bracken and fungi. I took many photos, which I will share soon.

I did a 4 layered drawing from the lookout, intending to cut away each layer so it reveals as pages of my sketchbook are turned. I only got time to paint the back page, so I have a project for a few evenings to finish this:


Here’s a photo my husband took, of me painting in the wood: