Day 281

A wonderful day at the Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean, and I will share more photos from it soon. For now, here is a painting I did of a tree in the forest, part of a sculpture word ‘Silence’ in various languages on metal plates on the tree, encouraging you to sit and be still for a while:


Day 257

I’ve been feeling a bit waylaid with the daily creativity since the move. While I’ve done something every day, it has not necessarily been very purposeful. I think the house is now at the point where I can begin to get back into some more focused work.

I’ve enjoyed mark making with different substances recently, and trying to hold implements in different ways to see what marks I could get. Today, I did these simple line drawings of Gormley’s LAND, trying to get the shape and perspective right.

I’m happy with these. I want to do more, in a larger format, and with different mediums.

I also drew this quick flower, I love the simple shapes of the head:


Day 232

I did some more work on the LAND inspired pieces today. I want to work more into it, so I cut this stamp, ready to be mounted:

Hopefully I’ll get the time to print into it at the weekend. I’m contemplating cutting more polyhedral shapes out of it to break the stamp up a bit, but I might do that to a second stamp instead of this one.

I also traced over the main lines on two layers of acetate for this image.

The top layer is just the large leaves in the foreground, and the berry like shapes in the background:

The back layer is the figure and the main part of the leaves:

I think this has been helpful to help me understand the shape and layers of the elements of the image.

Day 226

I have been slowly unpacking the craft room, and decided to do some drawing following on from the trip to see LAND. I love these two photos, looking through vegetation to the statue:

I did some sketches, experimenting with different drawing materials.

Charcoal, held by the very end:

Acrylic inks with a dip pen:

The same inks, with a wide brush:

I had lots of inks left, so I painted an irregular pattern, like the shapes on the statue:  

Day 222

Today, I got my printer on the WiFi, so I was able to print to it directly from my tablet. I printed an image that I’d previously converted to black and white, and then traced over the main lines with permanent pen on acetate.

I took some copies and played around with them, reducing and overlaying them. This one has the figure facing both left and right – I think it looks a bit like a knight:

Some more experiments:

And then a bit of image manipulation using the figures as a mask:


Day 221

Lots more knitting for days 215-220, more decrease rows.

Today, I got an interesting new book at the Festival of Quilts, chock full of easily explained and interesting exercises for exploring shape and design:

Finding Your Own Visual Language by Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan.

They had the suggestion of putting photos into black and white before using them, to emphasise line, so I put this photo from the trip to Lowsonford into B&W:

And did this sketch of it:

I enjoyed exploring different pencil marks, especially using the side of a 6B pencil for the planes of the figure.

I think this needs further development in print and stitch.

Day 215

Things are slowly settling down round here. The box room is unpacked, the kitchen is almost there, the craft room is usable (not that I’ve had time yet) and the living room and dining room oscillate between lovely and full of stuff as we pull boxes in from the garage to unpack them.

Today I did this pastel sketch of the Gormley figure’s head, trying to make polygonal shapes with pastel marks:

Based on this image: