Day 200

Another long day unpacking and sorting, so I relaxed with a quick sketch:

Based on this photo of LAND at Lowsonford



Day 198

Today I worked into the ideas from yesterday’s sketch, simplifying the shapes and colours. I drew random polyhedral shapes, and then used various colours of pastels for raised and receding areas. I especially love the contrast of the blue areas.

And then I couldn’t resist messing in iColorama:


Day 197

I got the pastels out today, and did a bit of a sketch, based on a picture I took of the LAND Gormley sculpture at Lowsonford.

I love the shimmering metallic colours and contrasts of colours here, as well as all the different planes.

My sketch: 

Day 116

Today, we went to Alicante castle, a magnificent castle, high on the hill in the middle of Alicante. I drew these two arches while we sat and enjoyed a cool drink in the cafe:


I have more photos of the castle, which I’ll share soon. 

Day 114

A slight delay in posting, as I spent the weekend on holiday. The drawing today was the view of a bust and a tree in a park in Alcoi, while we took a break from watching the Moors and Christians festival:


The festival itself was  fabulous, two parades with great costumes and floats, and firecrackers being set off in the the streets. I took a lot of great photos, I’ll share some on here when I’ve uploaded them.