Sanctuary at the Bramble Patch – update 4

Just a brief update this one. On Wednesday night, the wine made another appearance:

I made up my mind about how I wanted to make books, and so I spent the evening cutting and tearing 7 inch pages, turning this pile of paper:

Into this pile of organised signatures:

The original plan was to sew them together into signatures and then collage onto them, but I think they will be easier to work loose, and also they need some deli paper layers, I seem to have forgotten that yesterday.

Today is the last day of the retreat. I’ll miss it, but looking forward to a good final day.

Sanctuary at the Bramble Patch – Update 3

Today I dyed a lot of my materials, getting lots of lovely focal points and backgrounds all ready to go in collages tomorrow.

I ended up with this big, beautiful pile of papers:

I also finished printing in my altered board book:

And got the pages all dyed up:

I repurposed this old chocolate box sheet with some gesso, print and dye, to make a little zigzag tip in:

Sanctuary at The Bramble Patch – Update 1

I’ve arrived safely at the Bramble Patch, and having a great time.

This is my home for the next couple of days:

Hilary has brought the shop, it’s a bit too big for the tables, so some of it is underneath:

She’s brought her rabbit ears too!

The Bramble Patch has a cafe, which does excellent, exceedingly large slices of cake:

I’ve made three stencils so far, a grass stem, a section from the bridge, and Cobb’s Engine House.

Bumble Hole Sketches

Here are the two sketches I did, in close up:

I’m pleased with them, as I’m still nervous about drawing, but it was nice to get out and do it.

I have also been through my gelatos and identified the duplicates I have from buying overlapping sets, and put them in the travel pencil case. I don’t want to miss out on any more rubbings, like the Bumble Hole sign, so I have made a mini kit of Neocolour 1s, in this handy paperclip tub:

Drawing at Bumble Hole

On Saturday morning, I went down to Bumble Hole nature reserve, my little local spot of sanctuary, took a few more photos and did some sketching.

We approached from a new side, and saw this beautiful metal sign, surrounded by wonderful wild flowers.  I had forgotten to put any crayons in my little art kit, so I couldn’t do a rubbing, something which needs to be rectified.


I love the beautiful curvy bridges:


So I drew them, mostly without taking the pen off the paper, after the Cas Holmes day school. It was surprisingly enjoyable!


There was a massive gaggle of goslings with their proud mum and dad paddling along:


This beautiful little path was new to us, like a wonderful green fairy path.


Leading us to a lovely wild meadow, with a dragonfly and some butterflies floating over.


And this lovely view of Cobb’s Engine House:


Which I had to sketch:


Another lovely view of the engine house:


And a beautiful view of the canal. For something which is stereotypically straight, there are lots of lovely curves!


I’ll post close up pictures of the sketches soon.

Pink Pig Bargain Box

I seem to be going through sketchbooks at a rate of knots, so I decided to order a Pink Pig bargain box – at least 13kg of sketchbooks for £30.20, including postage.

I got 19 books for my money, £1.59 per book, including:

  • 1 X A5 fat portrait pig
  • 6 X A4 portrait pigs
  • 1 X A3 portrait
  • 3 X A3 fat portrait pigs
  • 2 X 12×6 inch portrait pigs
  • 2 X 16×8 landscape pigs
  • 2 X A3 landscape pigs
  • 2 X A3 landscape pigs with black pages

Apparently they are all seconds, but the only issue I noticed was that one book has a dinged corner:

This is my pile, I am looking forward to filling them with beautiful art:


Tea or coffee?

I worked on the latest page in my sketchbook tonight:

It is built up with layers, a green Rollagraph print on the right hand side, a couple of stamps, coral sand and turquoise dyes, strips of washi tape, a gesso print of a coffee pot, some colouring with Pablo pencils, paint dabbers and gelatos, a tea packet, and tea tags.

I really love it, the colours and layers are wonderful. A friend gave me the tea packet – thank you David!

Another Tip In

I did a bit of Sketchbooking last night, tipping an A4 sheet into my fat pink pig to make this massive, lovely fold out page:

The page is tipped in with washi tape on both sides, and I love how well the washi tape takes gelatos.

I also went through the remaining blank pages in this book and added stamps and washi tape, to add background interest. They will probably be almost totally obliterated with paint, dye and colouring, but it will be anther layer. I am looking forward to seeing how they come out:


Coffee Pots: Print and Dye

Yesterday, I made some coffee pot stamps to go with the stencils. They are both double sided, with the positive image on one side, and the negative on the other:  

This morning I cut a couple of word stencils to go with the coffee pots; milk and coffee in Italian:   

Trying them out with dabbers:


I did some printing with them and the stamps:


The Gelli plate prints were sometimes a bit indistinct, whereas I liked the crisp lines of the directly printed stencils, so I combined them both:   


I love the way that dye transforms prints. I had about 6 sketchbooks on the go, so I have lots of lovely prints to work into in the evenings ahead.


Some of the pages in my small sketchbook:


I made this zigzag book and card to use as tip ins in my sketchbooks:


And I started decanting my dyes into pots that are all the same size.  Previously they were in miscellaneous jam jars, which got me going using dyes, but wasn’t good for easy storage:

A lovely, long day of making.