Day 332 and an update

It’s been rather too long since my last post, as I’ve been busy, with lots of lovely family and friends visiting, a couple of heavy colds, and lots of busy-ness at work. I did keep up with the 15 mins a day, but the blogging sadly fell by the wayside.

I made two minion hats, just need to finish crocheting the eyes and sew them on:

I started a top secret project, hopefully to be finished by Christmas, but no pics so as not to spoil the surprise.

I did lots of image manipulation:

I also crocheted part of a toy pig, and did more stuff in sketchbooks.

I learned to make pizza from scratch:

Today, I went to an Embroiderers’ Guild Dayschool with Sarah Burgess, creating monoprinted landscapes.

I had a great time, learning a lot about mono printing on both paper and fabric.

This is the piece I worked into most, and am rather happy with. It’s monoprinted, with sari silk, lace, and collaged tissue, with a bit of gelatos for good measure.