Day 131

Yesterday, I got some rubbing plates from Art Van Go, with 8 patterns in all:



I tried them out in my sketchbook, and they’re nice to add some background texture to an otherwise plain area, or to knock back a section which is too bold:



Day 95

Today, we spent time with friends, enjoying a tasty roast dinner and going for a walk around Sandwell Valley Country Park – I really need to go back there with a camera one day.

When I got home, I spent some time sorting 29 woodblock stamps, which had been purchased by my Embroiderers’ Guild, into three sets for our lending library:

I took rubbings of each set – the plan is to print them on the front of drawstring bags to lend them out in, and I wanted to make sure they’d fit:

I then did some rubbings in my own sketchbook:

This next one is white neocolour 1 crayon, which you can just about see through the dye. I hope this will resist future paint and dye:

It’s the leaf shape in brown on the third of the rubbing pages, and there are four of them across the page.

I also did a bit of colouring in:

Day 87

Today was a marvellous day with friends from Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild, on an Art Van Go dayschool, playing with all sorts of marvellous paints and other mediums.

Exploring different pressures with rollers on black card.

Using masking tape to mask off areas to add to the design. The lovely fronds marks at the lower right were made by pressing paint together on two print plates, then pressing one lightly on the fabric.

Amazingly textured thick paint

Translucent paint, rollers and stamps.

Iridescent markals through a stencil on earlier layers of paint.

More lovely markal paint sticks over maskng tape – this is starting to take shape!

Stencilling my figures with markal on earlier layers of paint.

Gold and silver markal through a stencil, on earlier layers of paint, with a few extra lines.

Markal paintstiks over texture plates, cotton reels and a woodblock, on brown linen.

Lots of lovely lumiere metallic paint, mostly rollered very gently over texture plates, with masking tape masks.

Some of the pieces I made. I don’t have a bigger photo of the colourful sheet on the left. It is lokta paper, with swipes of translucent golden fluid acrylics – beautiful paints, and worth saving up the pennies for!

My shopping – two gorgeous colours of lumiere, two of the print plates, a pallete knife for nice swipe printing, and a tub of sand medium for more texture

All in all, an amazing day. I learned so much and really enjoyed building up the layers. If you get a chance to learn stuf from Viv at Art van Go, do take it up!

Day 76

Last night, a friend lent me some of her lovely wooden printing blocks. I’m looking to purchase some at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show at the weekend, so this is a good opportunity to work out which ones I like.

Unfortunately, I left the interior light on in the car last night, so the battery was flat when I started it this morning. I called the AA out, and thought I’d try the stamps while I was waiting. Sadly standing around in your work frock is not the best time to get out the paint, so I tried some rubbings instead, adding colour to existing sketchbook pages.

I’m really pleased with the results, some lovely textured impressions. Here are some of my favourites:

This is lots of layers, neocolour 1 in white, then two colours of dye, metallic paint, and finally a neocolour rubbing on top:

A lovely border stamp in blue:

Great green swirls, working well with this rubbing from an Indian metal stamp of a dancer:

These are the stamps that I liked best, at least for rubbings:

More lovely rubbings. Sorry for the long post, WordPress has removed the ‘cut’ button from the app!