Day 115

A relaxed day at Simon’s parents house, in Spain near Alicante. They live up in the hills, surrounded by fields of oranges, lemons, and broccoli, and so I painted the view from their terrace:


Day 16

Today, I was going to go and do the washing up, but I wandered into my craft room instead, and saw the intense blocks my family got me for Christmas on my art shelf, so I decided to have a play.

I remembered enjoying using masks with pastels, so got them out of the box, and made this abstract piece, using the intense blocks and circle and square masks:


I discovered that, unlike regular chalk pastels, the inktense blocks don’t work as well rubbing them off the edges of the mask (or I need more practice), so I just used them as stencils. I added the wavy flags and triangles freehand, to balance the piece, then washed over all the details, which makes a pleasingly dense colour.

I turned the page, and then decided I wanted to experiment with a landscape, building it up with layers of inktense in greens, with a blue sky. In my stencil pile was one of my favourite shapes, a figure inspired by Antony Gormley’s Iron: Man in Birmingham city centre. I added him in rich, thick pink and purple, then decided he needed some linear flourishes.

Waiting for the paint to dry, I practiced the lines in silver paint pen on a spare bit of Gelli print that was lying around on my table, which has come out well:


I then used the paint pen to add my lines, and it seemed to dislike drawing on such a thick/chalky surface, hence the fewer lines. Hopefully the pen will work again in future!

Finally, I used some inktense pencils to add definition to the hills and give my figure a shadow.


I hope this will make it into stitch at some point – I’ve got some pieces waiting to be mounted with these figures in, so it’d be nice to continue working in the theme.

I did try the gelliped figure on this landscape too, but he’s not distinct enough from the background, so will have to wait for another day.

The inktense blocks are lovely to work with, a great way to get a nice layer of colour.

Day 13

I got up and dressed quite quickly this morning, so had time to colour wash over Day 9’s collaged dots.

The Creating Something Every Day blog (which is responsible for my choosing to do 15 minutes of creativity daily) has a weekly colour scheme, so I used that to inspire the colours I used:


Here’s the piece, with a koh-i-noor wash:


I like the colours, they’ve pushed me out of my usual colour comfort zones a bit, where I don’t really use yellow or orange, but this is lovely and fresh, and work well with the translucency of the watercolours. Next I think I want to add some doodling in pen.

Now though, I need to wash my paint brushes and drive to work!