Woven rays

This evening I did a bit of hand stitching on one of the quilts I printed and composed in January. I really like the rays stencil which is in the background, and as it is composed mostly of paper, it is stiff enough to support long, straight stitches.

I like an opportunity to weave stitches.

Hand Stitching the Bumble Hole Mini Quilt

When I last posted about this quilt, I had finished the quilting, and planned where to put the focal point.

I’ve spent some time over the past couple of days adding hand stitching, with simple stitches to bring out the focal points:


I’ve added herringbone stitch, buttonhole wheels, and some straight stitch and couching:

Free machining troubles and some book pages

I was making good progress on the Moka pots quilt. I got all the focal points bonded on:

I then started machine stitching on the newly applied focal points, when my machine made (another) terrible crunch. I took it apart to clean, and noticed this big gouge in the bobbin case:

In front of the hook.

After a bit of a glum moment, I packed the machine away, and did some hand stitching on the Bumble hole book, working with lovely perle cotton:

A lovely way to relax after the annoyance of the machine incident. I’ll take it in for a service soon.

Hot Fruit: update

Following on from the paper piecing in the previous post, I started a series of 8″ by 10″ mini quilts, and I’m using them to practice my free motion stitching.

First, this one:

Strippy background, combining my hand printed fabrics, a green hand dyed fabric and a commercial black and white stripe: 

With focal point lemons:


Echo quilted:

 Then added colour with gelatos, and hand stitch:


And this one, all pinned out:
I then added a ‘McTavishing’ machine stitch, following the video on Leah Day’s website  

With gelatos and hand stitch:


I’ve also stitched into the collage I started yesterday; it just needs gelatos and hand stitch now:


I’m running low on this variegated thread!


I have also finished the paper piecing on this piece, I just need to work out how to stitch it – it is all paper, and I don’t want it to tear:  

So, rather a lot of stitching recently. The concerted practice is paying off.