Day 183

I did a bit of hand stitching, adding the dark pink stems to these flower heads.

I’d started the flower heads in January, and I need to get them and the other 4 patches onto the bag for the Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild branch meeting in 2 weeks time!

Day 180

I added more seed beads to my printed sun today. I decided to go with every other ray to space it out a bit. I’m pleased with it:


I then discovered the mixer function in icolorama, and decided to try it on some of my previous edits. It seems to smoosh two images together:


Day 179

Last night I stayed with friends, so I woke up and had tasty breakfast and coffee, and then came home and packed boxes for the Big Move, then met friends in the park. We had our boardgame club’s annual picnic outing, playing such varied games as lemon jousting, boules, Kubb, and many variants of tag, along with hula hooping and blowing bubbles.

When I got home, I did some hand stitching, adding sequins to the unfinished tags from yesterday’s workshop:

I’m surprisingly pleased with how shiny the sun is. Next I may add a ring of seed needs on the rays around it. Not sure whether to do every one , or alternates – any suggestions?

Day 144

Most of today was spent helping to get tickets ready for Expo, so I unwound with a bit of hand stitching – fly stitch in black:


A subtle texture, not sure whether to add a line of fly stitch in a single strand of white to go over these, or if that will be too bright. Maybe in teal?