Day 61

I finished two projects from the UFO box which just needed some machine stitching.

This book cover is handmade wool felt on velvet, with machine stitch and button embellishments, lined with blue fabric:


This bag is strips of sari silk on black velvet, with machine stitching and squares of embossed metal embellishments. It’s lined with really soft red velvet – I’m going to use it for one of my boardgames:



It’s an interesting shape – effectively it has a square gusset at the bottom, so it opens out to be quite roomy inside.

In the evening I added more hand stitching to my Path scroll:




Day 54

Today I decided to continue the machine embroidered writing practice, so I hooped up another bit of the same fabric off to the side, and wrote this little message to myself:


I then took a deep breath, got brave, and stitched a phrase onto my current project:


I added some wiggly lines with the normal foot on, just because it’ seamier that way, and here is how the whole thing looks at the moment:


Next, I’m trying to decide whether to stencil on a couple of my figures, print out some image manipulated figures with the printer, then apply them, or leave it as it is and go straight to hand stitching. Might leave it to percolate for a few more days…

Day 53

Today I finally practiced something I had wanted to do for ages. I did some writing with my sewing machine. I had a first go without a hoop, and it was far too difficult to do all the changes of direction that writing needs. So I hooped up my fabric and got going.

Here is my first attempt (“follow your own path”)


Then I did a few more words, followed by the beginning of Eldorado, by Edgar Allan Poe:


I’m pleased. I found it easier once I had a baseline to work to, and I need to remember to run along this baseline between words, to leave a space. When writing ‘t’s, I need to remember to do the cross part way down, and my ‘i’s are undotted. More practice needed, but I’m on the way.

Day 39

Today, I finished the swirly border for my Tolkien piece:


I also woke at 6am full of ideas about my next project. Spent a lovely morning with friends playing games, then came home and did some printing with the Gelli plate on coloured fabrics:





I also ended up with some nice pink paint on a sketchbook page:


I started piecing my strips together:


And when they were all together, I added some decorative stitching:


It’ still got quite far to go yet before it matches my plan, but I like it so far…

Swirls and Sequins

I can now share with you the project that my last sneak peek was for. I made this beautiful picture for my future mother in law, for her birthday last week:


I used the techniques from a recent Embroiderers’ Guild day school with Crazy Mary, and just went to town with the swirls of soft white wool. It is all on a background of off white fabric, with a layer of organza, and then gold machine stitching and hand applied sequins:


I absolutely love it, and luckily Kath does too!