Day 171

A long, lovely day out at the West Midlands Regional Day.

I did a bit of shopping, picking up this yummy sari silk and silk carrier rods:

I also got three interesting inspiration packs from the lucky dip:

  I was tired in the evening, so  I did these braids:

Or at least I think it was these. The pile is getting rather big now!


I also did a quick bit of image manipulation, making these pictures for mine and my husband’s dad’s, for Fathers Day:

For my dad, who has pet budgies:   
And for Simon’s dad, who supports Hull City FC, the Tigers:


Day 164

On this day I did a braid for Lolly’s wedding, no picture, and some image manipulation. I tried using the same image as source and mask:


Made into a mask:

  With a painterly tweak or two:

  And a couple of messes with perspective that, to my mind, make it look like agate:


This one including a shape mask:


Day 157

We had a great session at our Embroiderers’ Guild branch meeting tonight, learning all about buttons, with facts including:

– that all Whitby Jet came from monkey puzzle trees

– mother of pearl shells were carved into cutlery handles in  Sheffield, with the leftovers being sent to Birmingham to make buttons, and the leftovers from that process being put into the foundations of buildings in the city, including the Town Hall.

I also did three more braids for my friend’s wedding.