Sanctuary at The Bramble Patch – Roundup

I’m home and have spent a couple of days just thinking about my time at the Bramble Patch with Hilary, processing all the things I learned. Here’s a summary of what I got up to.

The theme I had picked for my sanctuary is Bumble Hole nature reserve, in Netherton. My husband and I like to go walking there when things get a bit too much, and it will be nice to have a little bit of the area at home with me.

I cut stencils and stamps to fit my theme:

Made heaps and heaps of printed papers and fabrics:

And assembled lots of fabulous collages:

Hilary was excellent, as usual, sharing her knowledge about a wide range of topics.

It was a wonderful, and very busy three days, in the company of these lovely ladies:

I learned loads, including:

  • How not to be scared of photos in collage
  • Lots of useful tips about composition
  • How nice it can be to use a different colour palette
  • More about the effectiveness and ease of Lino cutting

I feel like I produced a really cohesive, focused set of work, and I’m very pleased. It was an excellent three days, looking forward to the next one.

Sanctuary at the Bramble Patch – update 4

Just a brief update this one. On Wednesday night, the wine made another appearance:

I made up my mind about how I wanted to make books, and so I spent the evening cutting and tearing 7 inch pages, turning this pile of paper:

Into this pile of organised signatures:

The original plan was to sew them together into signatures and then collage onto them, but I think they will be easier to work loose, and also they need some deli paper layers, I seem to have forgotten that yesterday.

Today is the last day of the retreat. I’ll miss it, but looking forward to a good final day.

Sanctuary at The Bramble Patch – Update 2

I made these 5 stamps, all double sided with both positive and negative images:

I spent my afternoon printing focal points on a wide range of fabrics and papers, with a lovely old gold colour paint, and then adding dye.

We then spent a nice evening in the pub, colouring in sketchbooks:

A tidy table to begin with…

Got less tidy, as we finished the wine:

Hilary, hard at work:

I took up a whole 3 seater sofa!

Even less tidy!

I mostly worked on an altered board book I had started earlier in the day:

All in all a great day! Now, sleep, because tomorrow I need to make backgrounds.

Sanctuary at The Bramble Patch – Update 1

I’ve arrived safely at the Bramble Patch, and having a great time.

This is my home for the next couple of days:

Hilary has brought the shop, it’s a bit too big for the tables, so some of it is underneath:

She’s brought her rabbit ears too!

The Bramble Patch has a cafe, which does excellent, exceedingly large slices of cake:

I’ve made three stencils so far, a grass stem, a section from the bridge, and Cobb’s Engine House.