Festival of Quilts Part 1

I had a wonderful day at the Festival of Quilts. Simon and I thought we had got there early enough, but the queue was massive. Luckily we got in fairly quickly and headed down to see Hilary, to say hello before she started demoing!

I took photos of the wonderful Art Textiles: Made In Britain, as well as some of my favourite competition entries, which I will share in another post, as they are on a different camera.

What I do have photos of here is my shopping. There are lots of lovely traders at FoQ, and so I topped up my supplies:

I got a holder for safely Lino cutting, a bottle of setacolour, three spools of King Tut thread in red, and two greys, some 505 spray, a couple of new rotary cutter blades (I think I have only changed the blade once since I got it in 2003!), a holder for machine bobbins, three spools of bobbin fill thread, two new Rollagraph pattern wheels, and two pieces of gorgeous Alter Ego fabrics.

The red King Tut I got is the colour I have been using on the Moka Pots quilt: to give you an idea of how much I had used, here is an old and a new spool:

It really is excellent thread for free motion stitching – the colours are really rich, the variegation is lovely, and it is very resistant to breaking. I have not had one thread breakage in all he stitching I did on the Moka Pots.

The Alter Ego fabric is destined to be the background for a pair of quilts which are in the early planning stages for next year. They do amazing hand dyed fabrics in such a wonderful range of colours. I just wanted to get them all but I had to be restrained. Here is a picture of both pieces spread out on my blocking board, so that you can see the wonderful dyeing:

Their website is here, http://www.handdyedfabric.co.uk/home-page, but they only sell at shows, so if you want to get some you will have to go to the NEC this weekend!

All in all an excellent day out, and well worth a visit if are a fan of textile art.