Day 184: bonus

I’ve also done some image manipulation based on the images I took at Lowsonford, combining the statue’s head with images of the flowers as masks:

And this one, trying to emphasise the polyhedral nature of the statue:


Day 184

A busy day. We picked up the keys for our new house – this is the view from my new craft room:

I also finally got time to sit down with the photos I took on the Lowsonford trip, which took quite a while as there were a lot.

I love this image of the statue, with the almost pixelated reflection:


The statue had lots of lovely colours, shapes and textures:


Which contrasted wonderfully with all the plants in the surroundings:

I’m pleased with this image especially:

There were a lot of lovely spiders webs:

And fabulous signs and numbers:

There were also great flowers around the pub, including this spiky specimen:

As we were walking back to the car to go home, we noticed this amazing sky:


This is just a small sample of the images I took, more of them are here.