Day 144

Most of today was spent helping to get tickets ready for Expo, so I unwound with a bit of hand stitching – fly stitch in black:


A subtle texture, not sure whether to add a line of fly stitch in a single strand of white to go over these, or if that will be too bright. Maybe in teal?

Day 141

Today I finally made some time to hang Phosphene I, and take a good look at it from afar:

I’m pleased with how it is coming along, but wanted to add more bold stitching, particularly in the middle. A lot of the stitching I have been doing has ben with one or two strands of thread, which is good when viewed up close, but now I need to add some layers that will draw the viewer in from further away.

I finished the fly stitch across this edge:


And added some more right down the middle:


I also couldn’t resist a bit of image manipulation, so here’s a tweak: