Day 107

I did a bit more gentle hand stitching this evening, finishing two kantha style crosses.

The first one:


 And from this:


 To this:


Day 106

I’ve started stitching on the large wallhanging, with some simple kantha in the crosses. Half a cross done so far:


I’ve chosen four colours that tone well with the four in the piece, to use for all the stitching.

Day 105

Just a brief bit of machine stitching today. I laid out my printing from the weekend on some black felt, trimmed it to size and machined it down. I also stitched a couple of a rows of stitching across the middle to secure it, and added a couple of box and crosses as decorative features, on squares in the print:


I then pinned part of it to a new frame I got at Guild:


(Forgive the terrible curtains, please!)


Day 102

Today, I got up and did some printing with a roller, developing what I’d learned at the Art Van Go dayschool. I liked the colours I’d used on this piece, but wanted a much larger bit of fabric to work with:



I cut an A1 sized piece of black  cotton fabric, clipped it to my printing cloth, and set to printing in layers with my roller.

After the first (white) layer and second (turquoise) layer, with lots of masking tape added:


After the third (yellow) layer, moving some of the tape each time:  

After the final turquoise layer, with tape removed: 

And some close ups:



I love the textures and the way the layers interact. I also ended up with some nice masking tape:


When I’d finished printing, Simon and I went to Boscobel House and White Ladies Priory, I’ll share some photos I took there soon.