Days 293 and 294

I’ve been preparing all of the prints of the iron man for making into a larger piece.

First, I cut all my chosen ones down to size

A lovely stack of prints:

And I’ve continued cutting each of the individual figures out:

 5 done this evening, 9 more to go.

Day 292

I started working on the piece for Polyhedra which I’d done the printing for weeks ago.

I got out the large canvas which had lain intimidatingly in a cupboard for a couple of years, and did some maths about how many prints I could fit on the canvas:
And then set about cutting my prints down to size:

I’m going to cut the figures out of each one, and swap them around, before ironing them onto Vilene interfacing, and adding stitch.

Day 263

I realised that I wanted some square areas with the figure on, so I did more printing, with the plate masked to a square again:

Lokta paper takes print wonderfully:

I loved the pattern in this pool of lumiere paint:  

There’s nothing like a messy desk:

And a big pile of used stamps:


Day 198

Today I worked into the ideas from yesterday’s sketch, simplifying the shapes and colours. I drew random polyhedral shapes, and then used various colours of pastels for raised and receding areas. I especially love the contrast of the blue areas.

And then I couldn’t resist messing in iColorama: