Happy Weekend Making

A while ago, I used to get up early on a weekend morning, and head into my craft room to create. For a while I seem to have forgotten this, instead having lie ins, or spending too long browsing the dreaded internet,

I got up early yesterday, resolving to print in my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project, which needs to be on the way back to the States by the end of March, and I hadn’t yet started.

None of the themes particularly interested me, but I liked my friend Anne’s idea of No Worries being easy to interpret. I had no time to think up, draw and cut new stencils and stamps, so I returned to my coffee pots. I got out lots of lovely background stencils and Rollagraphs, including ones which I did not own when I last used the coffee pots, for variety.

I’m really enjoying working with purple, blue, and green at the moment, so I got those setacolours out, and set to.

I love it when my desk is all piled up and ready to go, so much potential. I am using the sketchbook project book (the small one with the kraft cover) and a lovely long Seawhites zig zag book which has a slipcover. I saw Hilary using one when we were at Festival last August, and it looked such fun.

I love printing with stencils and stamps; I have so much fun composing on the pages that I think I could keep on printing forever.

After a while I ended up with these gorgeous prints:

And happy, painty hands:

Having enjoyed yesterday morning so much, I got up this morning and set about dyeing my pages.

I love how a black wash makes the rich purple and greens really shine:

And watching the dye run down the slanting zig zag book pages, past the paint is wonderful:

The dye is drying, then I get to sit and spend glorious evenings colouring them in: