Day 67

Today I got up quite early and finished the pages for the next travelling book I’m working in, which you’ll recognise from yesterday. I stuck them into the book, and added some simple printing to tie them together:


Here’s my inspiration page:


I also finished my scroll, just in time to hand it in for exhibiting at the Embroiderers’ Guild AGM next month.

First I picked a nice fabric for the backing, masked off a strip down the middle, and stencilled on some pink paint, to coordinate with the inside:





Then I stitched this wrong sides facing to the front of my piece, and turned it, so the long edges were already stitched down. After some ironing, I stitched the short edges down:


Then I made some machine wrapped cord. I love this technique for turning various wools and yarns into cohesive cords.

From this…


To this…


A bit of careful hand stitching attached the cord, and here it is all tied up, ready to be discovered:



I might give it a tassel at some point, but for now I’m very happy with it as it is.

A couple of close up pics of the finished embroidery:

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Day 54

Today I decided to continue the machine embroidered writing practice, so I hooped up another bit of the same fabric off to the side, and wrote this little message to myself:


I then took a deep breath, got brave, and stitched a phrase onto my current project:


I added some wiggly lines with the normal foot on, just because it’ seamier that way, and here is how the whole thing looks at the moment:


Next, I’m trying to decide whether to stencil on a couple of my figures, print out some image manipulated figures with the printer, then apply them, or leave it as it is and go straight to hand stitching. Might leave it to percolate for a few more days…